Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Dowager from Chappaqua

Yeah, she's back in the news.  The failed politician, the enabler of her sex-abuser husband, the gal who lost not one, but two huge elections to political newcomers.  Yeah, she's upset.  We failed her.  She goes outside the US to make speeches about how badly we failed her.

She's lucky that she is free.  In a just world, she'd be in prison for mishandling classified information, but the law only applies to little folks, not to her.   Her tenure as Secretary of State is also marked with failure, the murder of four great Americans on her watch.  She racks up failure after failure, and expects us to commiserate with her.  Not likely.

We're moving forward, and we're doing it (thankfully) without her.  She is a loathsome, evil woman.  Luckily, she has Secret Service protection.  If we ever get a judge to issue warrants, she's just a phone call away.

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