Friday, March 23, 2018

Act Like Republicans

The Congress is controlled by Republicans, but you wouldn't know it from the numbers in tn the spending bill. 
You can also expect Republicans and President Trump to spin this as a “huge” victory for their team. After all, isn't it a sign that they can govern? Sure, if you tolerate massive deficit spending, being irresponsible and pushing all that liability down the throat of future generations. I don’t, because I actually care about the well-being of my kids and grandkids….
We didn't send Republicans to Congress to increase the debt, or engage in deficit spending.  We expect Republicans to control spending, set priorities and make tough choices to balance the budget.  That is what families have to do,  Money is a finite resource, and we expect that Congress will live within their means.  Otherwise, we're just Democrat-lite.

From what I'm reading today, this spending bill is a stinker.  Go back to the drawing board, and get it right.


Rivrdog said...

This was not a Budget Bill. Constitution says that if a Budget, POTUS must follow it explicitly. Obama had 8 years of Omnibus/Porkulus Bills just so he DIDN'T have to follow it. Trump can and probably will do the same. Demonrats can't beef him without getting the Hypocrite tag (which they get on a daily basis, so what?).

Example: Money for Planned Parenthood. He holds up paying it. Demonrats beef. Trump sends word that he's only slow-walking like they slow-walk his appointee confirmations. Result? either no Planned Parenthood or Trump gets his appointees confirmed pronto.

No money for Wall? No Problem. Trump files in Court that much of the $$$ sent to Mexico is from un-taxed illegals, so he wants to tax it on the way out of the country. Persons wiring $$$ who can prove they paid taxes on it can get there tax back. Result: Wal gets built and Mexico gets to pay for it, just like Trump said they would.

No, Trump doesn't have Line Item Veto, but with an Omnibus Bill funding the Government, he doesn't need it. He can take his sweet time.

Steve Sky said...

This quote expresses it best for me:
There’s no escaping the reality that today’s Omnibus spending bill is a significant slap in the face to Trump voters and supporters. The $1.3 trillion UniParty spending scheme is a bitter rebuke from the legislative branch. A twitter comment outlines an understandable, albeit emotionally charged, reaction:

“You did have a choice. There’s always a choice. You betrayed us with what you did. We have fought for you. We have lost friends/family for you. We have become targets for you. Yes, you did have a choice. Fix this.”

It's not 12-D chess, and "just because you had to fund the military" doesn't mean that come the election, people will remember that. No, people will remember that you betrayed them & signed it. This is DJT's "read my lips" moment.