Saturday, March 10, 2018

At The Range

The Cross Branded Peacemakers had a great range today.  We were practicing, just clowning around, but serious about hitting the target.  Five of our shooters (fairly new shooters) hit new personal bests today.
Two Step Cookie - 0.832
Cajun Greg - 0.534
Brother Fred - 0.556
Dustin - 0.642
Big Bill - 0.542.

Mind you, that time includes drawing, cocking a single action revolver, firing the cartreige and the bullet flight.  we don't get a time unless the bullet hits the target.

It was a very good shoot today.  We're prepping for the competition season, which begins next weekend in Needsville, TX.  Belle, Zach, and I are leaving Thursday to begin shooting o Friday.

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