Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We're Home

After leaving Kentucky State on Sunday, we drove as far as Memphis, TN, jumped over the state line into Mississippi, and got a hotel.  We drove home yesterday, talking about Hillary's medical problems, and watching the video, over and over.  Milady has her own diagnosis, resting on 35 years of nursing experience, but as a nurse, she's not able to diagnose, legally, but she doubts seriously if it were pneumonia.

I see some speculation, and second-guessing as to what might happen if a candidate drops out of the race.  Fox News is all over it.  Speaking from a short-term perspective I remember hack in August that there was some speculation as to what might happen if Trump dropped out.  It's good that the political parties think about these things.  Nothing is certain in this day and age, and it's good to have contingency plans.

I'm no political prognosticator, but I feel that the only way either of the candidates will drop out, is just as soon as the coroner is through with them.   Between Hillary's health issues and her calling Trumps supporters deplorable, it doesn't look like the race is going her way.  But, we've seen this pendulum swing hack and forth.  Come November, we'll participate in the only poll that matters.

But, we're back home safely.  We had a ball in Kentucky, and in serious planning for a shoot that we'll host in November.


Sport Pilot said...

Glad you folks had a good showing and good time in KY and are safely home. I've read all of the reports about HRC and her "medical issues" and can only say she's an obviously ill woman. Beyond that I'll just wait and see.

BobF said...

Are you kidding? If Hillary croaks she will be too busy to see others for an extended period and the first we'll know of it will be when the body stinks uncontrollably or the vote is over, whichever comes first.

And Bill won't care so we won't be getting any clues from him in the meantime.