Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Woodpile Report

I like the way this guy turns a phrase.
For a long while I believed interrogating Hillary was part of a larger investigation, probably into the Clinton Foundation, and the recommendation to not indict would bespeak fidelity, bravery and integrity of the highest order. Somehow. Nope. Just another grimy betrayal.
Hillary didn't have to actually do anything at the State Department to corrupt it. Merely walking onto the premises was enough. Corrupt does as corrupt is. Then Director Comey pontificated about how many spoonfuls of sewage is enough to turn a barrel of wine into a barrel of sewage. The answer is one, and always has been. FBI Director Comey said she came up a few short, thereby revealing his own standards.
Commentary on a wide range of subjects.  I may have to put him in the sidebar.

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