Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Murder Capital

Chicago posted its 500th homicide over the Labor Day weekend, but Hot Air is right when they say that the title of Murder Capital might go to other cities who post higher per capita rates of homicidal mayhem.  As CNN reports.
New Orleans – Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Democrat
St. Louis – Mayor Francis G. Slay, Democrat
Detroit – Mayor Mike Duggan, Democrat
Baltimore – Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Democrat (and DNC leader)
Newark – Mayor Ras J. Baraka, Democrat
A death toll of 500 is horrific, but other places fare worse.  What is interesting is the party affiliation of the various mayors in the worst crime cities in the US.

Is anyone starting to see a trend?


Joe Mama said...


This is really very simple.


Dead voters arise and start voting. Obvious answer: Voodoo
Inanimate objects start killing people. Obvious answer: Voodoo
Economic thinking that marginal outcomes will reverse direction when enough cubic yards of $100 bills are dumped on the problem. Obvious answer: Voodoo.

The problem is Voodoo and the solution is to root it out.

Anonymous said...

Giving people the sustenance to live; food, shelter, medical care; DOESN'T make them middle class and incapable of killing each other. All it does it upgrades them from rocks and sticks to guns.

Old 1811 said...

Chicago has had Democratic mayors since the 20s, but the last Republican mayor, Big Bill Thompson, was the guy who handed Chicago over to Al Capone.
Chicago's problems go much deeper than partisan politics.