Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Left, Unhinged

Surfing around, clicking links, I come to this troubling piece over a t the Huffington Post.The title of the piece verges on obscenity, so I won't quote it, but evidently the left is becoming unhinged over their choice of candidate.  Yeah, I know the piece was written in June, but Huffington updated it three days ago.  So there.  The tone of the piece is a bit.... distraught.
WE ARE DYING. Please don’t hand our lives over to this white devil madman. You might survive this. We might not. Do whatever you can to help us. Help me. Please don’t let Donald Trump become the president of the United States. I don’t want our blood to be on your hands.
I'm guessing that the author is gay, from the general tenor of the piece.  I don't know, and don't care.  (My wife laughs at me constantly; she claims I have absolutely no gay-dar, because I take everyone as they come.)  But, something there .... well, nevermind.   The angst is wonderfully deep.
I want our entire social, governmental and economic structures to change drastically. I’m just as disgusted as you by Hillary Clinton’s ties to big business and corporate greed. But I’m also living in reality. I can have hopeful visions for the future and accept the present. Maybe that’s because I’m a person of color who watches in horror almost every day of the week when I see new videos of other people of color harassed, mistreated, degraded, brutalized and murdered by the authoritative systems of our white supremacist nation. Have you ever experienced this reality?
Yep, it's reality, dude.  Reality at its finest.  I simply don't know if he could have gotten more progressive buzz-words into a paragraph, but it is clear that he's distressed.

He can get over it.  Or not, at his convenience.

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Steve Sky said...

Hi PawPaw,
Here is some more on the FBI, which apparently considers itself above Congress. link
So the rot goes from the head on down.

This individual is making the same argument for Hillary and his side, that people on our side have made too often to those of us being told to support Dole, McCain, Romney, etc. "No vote is a vote for the other side, and you really need to think about the Supreme Court nominee. He just seems to be a lot more emotional about his argument, then our side would be.