Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Good Pictures from Kentucky

My friend, May Ellen Russel, who goes by Miss E, is a first class photog, and last night she put up some pictures from Kentucky.

Major D and Blue Eyed Belle
That shot was taken early Friday morning.  I knew I had to get a photo quick, and I believe it was the first one she took.

Saying the pledge.
We always begin every shoot, every morning, with a prayer and the pledge.  You don't see anyone taking a knee in this group.

This must have been taken during the Seniors category match, because I don't see many young'uns hanging around.  I love the composition on this picture.  If it weren't for the metal folding chair, you'd think that the picture was taken in the mid to late 1880s. Just a couple of old geezers lounging in a doorway.

So, a little judicious cropping

Just a couple of old geezers, lounging in a doorway
Of course, there was shooting, lots of shooting.

That's Big Mark, on the left, bringing smoke.
One final shot of me, watching a match, and reacting to a shot.  My son, the Displaced Louisiana Guy, will notice the leather cuffs.  He made them, and they were a great help during the match.

I love the cuffs my boy made for me.
The cuffs are starting to get a little body oil and sweat in them, and they're taking on a nice patina.

Thanks, Miss E, for the photos.  We'll see y'all next month at the invitational in Silsbee.

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BobF said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting those.