Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Comey's Disgrace

FBI Director James Comey tried once again to tell Congress why he didn't indict a serial felon.

"We've had nine straight Democrats talk with Director Comey emails wthout asking for immunity.  That's a record.

I laughed out loud when he said that.


Anonymous said...

I've been watching a ton of YT videos featuring Gowdy, Chaffetz, Jordon and a couple of other members of the House committee grilling Comey like a well done slab of meat. Comey gets uppity and makes some snide remarks as he takes it personal to defend his alleged integrity.

But I have grown oh so tired of these dog & pony shows. So many guilty up the ying yang yet no one indicted, no one charged. Not even Pagliano has been placed under arrest by the House Sergeant of Arms. What's up with THAT? Massive amount of evidence gathered but not even a Grand Jury convened. Without advise for prosecution, these hearings are going nowhere. Except...

...perhaps it the evidence will be gathered but charges not made until after the election. I would love to see Trey 'Pitbull' Gowdy get as AG. From the WH down heads are gonna roll if Gowdy, et al have the sand to do their duties.

Steve Sky said...

Hi PawPaw,
It gets much worse...
Emailgate Just Got Even Better, FBI Destroyed Laptops Of Clinton Aides In Immunity Deal