Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Watching TD 9

Tropical Depression 9 is churning away in the Gulf, and is expected to become a named storm later today.  The models seem to indicate that it's going to turn to the north, then toward the east and go to Florida.  The models are pretty much in alignment, and look like this.

Taken as a composite, we get our standard warning cones map from the National Hurricane Center.

I've been watching these things for a long time, and while the weather-weenies are better at what they do, I've seen storms break the model.  I'll keep an eye on this thing and hope that it doesn't come to Louisiana.  (Sorry about that, for Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.)

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Old NFO said...

If you were to have access to the actual models, you'd find that it would look like a flower, with stamens (tracks) that vary from dead West to dead East and everything in between to the North... sigh This one is a 'best guess'... That's all it is.