Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Does Hillary Lie?

Does Hillary Clinton Lie?  Prevaricate?  Play fast-and-loose with the truth?  Well, of course she does.  This comes as no surprise.  What is a surprise is the legion of supporters who cover for her.

Larry O'Connor, over at Hot Air, reveals another lie that HIllary has told, about Colin Powell giving her advice on email practices as Secretary of State.  Basically, she threw General Powell under the bus, saying that
former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell had advised her to use a personal email account
The only problem, is that Secretary Powell disavows any such conversation, and the evidence is coming in that the conversation never occurred.
 And Powell’s declaration to reporters Saturday that he was tired of Clinton’s people have been “trying to pin” the email scandal on him and that she “was using [the private email server] for a year before (he) sent her a memo telling her what (he) did,” contradicts Mrs. Clinton’s statements to the FBI in which she claimed the exact opposite.
When interviewing a primary suspect, an investigator never asks a question that he doesn't know the answer to.   That's basic investigative interviewing technique.  It's not against the law to lie to a local police officer, but it is against the law to lie to the FBI, and I would expect that the FBI knows that.  Several people have been convicted of that crime alone.  Ask Martha Stewart.  And others.

I'm sure that James Comey will move immediately on this knowledge.  The woman lied to an FBI agent.  - - Oh, wait.  Comey couldn't find a reason to indict even as the detailed the elements of the offense on national TV.  Comey's worthless.

We now, officially, have a two-tiered criminal justice system.  One where the common man goes to jail and one where the politically connected get to go scot-free, even after publicly embarrassing the FBI.  And, it happened on Comey's watch.  He should be proud.

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Hillary just informed:doubling up on depends will not stop the wikileaks.