Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Same, but Different

That huge, counter-clockwise rotating storm that hammered Louisiana over the past two days seems to have broken up.  Counter-clockwise rotations are seen in hurricanes and tropical storms, and while the winds (gratefully) never got to the speeds necessary for classification, what we experienced for the past two days was in fact a storm out of the tropics.  In many ways the damage was worse than a wind event, because it was so slow moving.

When I was in high school, our instructors demanded that we learn to read a weather surface map, and I still look at those when I'm trying to figure out the weather.  So, this morning, I glanced at the surface map to get an overview.

Well, that sucks.  It shows a huge front line from Brownsville, TX to Nova Scotia, and the part of it across Louisiana has gone stationary.  Warm, moist air out of the Gulf is going to run up that front line, dumping more moisture on an already drenched Louisiana.  While south Louisiana took the brunt of the storm on Friday and Saturday, this pattern threatens to soak north Louisiana with the same type deluge.  So, we click over to the radar map to get a better idea of current conditions.

Oh, yeah, it looks like a friggin' freight train of thunderstorms that we have to deal with this morning.  And tomorrow, and probably Tuesday.

PawPaws house is on high ground, and we've got a very good roof.  The rain isn't getting to me, but lots of south Louisiana is hurting.  In many ways this was worse than a hurricane because it was so slow-moving.  And it ain't over yet.

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