Saturday, August 06, 2016

Thorn Valley

Our CFDA club is the Thorn Valley Shootist Society.  We meet every Saturday in Melder, LA.  We're a small club, but we celebrate each other's successes.  We met today, and Blue Eyed Belle, (who you all know as Milady) experimented with shooting in a skirt.

She hit a 0.853 in a skirt.  That's not only her fastest time in a skirt, that's her fastest time forever.  For those of you who may not understand that, she drew a single-action revolver from a holster, thumb-cocked that revolver, and hit a 24"  target 21 feet away in just over 8/10ths of a second.  She did that in a skirt, and high heeled boots.  Better than that, she hit in the 8/10ths a couple of times, and she's really consistent in the 9/10ths range.

If you think that's easy, come out to your local CFDA club.  We'll be happy to strap you up.

You can like our Facebook page here.  If you want to join, I'm an administrator.  I'll hook you up.

But, I am so proud of my gal, I hardly know how to act.


Matt said...

Way to go Blue Eyed Belle! Shooting in the 8s. Awesome! I'm proud of ya.

Anonymous said...

Hey Papa, ever considered shooting in a skirt.