Friday, August 05, 2016

That Was the Week That Was

Back in the '60s there was a sitcome entitled That Was the Week That Was, a satire of news from the previous week.  It took a lighthearted view of news and the theme song started "That was the week that was, it's over let it go."

That's good advise these days if, like me, you're a blood-red conservative.  Our candidate is sticking his foot in his mouth, or getting into arguments with Gold Star families on a regular basis and our opponent is so confident that she's doubling down on her lies and is cancelling ad buys in battleground states.  She's well up in the polls this week.

It's been a tough week for conservatives.

But, it's only the first week of August.  Hopefully, our candidate, as flawed as he is will get some on-the-job training really quickly.  He gamed the primaries and he got the nomination, so now he needs to game the general election and get the votes he needs.  And, he needs a lot.  But, here is the thing with the polls.  Hillary hasn't yet gotten to 50% in many polls that I've seen, and Trump is following her by several percentage points.

Hillary's supporters aren't going to vote for Trump.  Trumps supporters aren't going to vote for Hillary.  So, the candidates are now in a race for that 12% that haven't decided.  That's where the election will be won or lost.  The middle ground.

This week has been rough, but it's only the first week of August.  Donald Trump has about 90 days to turn it around.  I hope that he's smart enough to do that.


North Texan said...

Really trying not to wear a tinfoil hat, but I wonder how rigged the polls are. Some of the pics I've seen of the DNC and her rallies, they are begging for warm bodies. Trump seems to be packing his. Unless the pics are fudged or I'm only get 1/2 the story, I just don't see how she's up in the polls like she is.

Phil Kraemer said...

They have been saying that Trump will "pivot" to being a statesman for months now. I think it is fairly safe to say that what we are seeing is what we will continue to get until the election in November.

This guy finds it impossible to stop himself from retaliation against anyone who appears to be insulting him and lowers himself by punching down pretty consistently.

Us conservatives are in deep trouble.