Friday, August 19, 2016

So, This Scammer Calls.

Got home yesterday afternoon and changed clothes, and about 5:00 happened to look at the answering machine.  There was a message and Milady pushed Play, and heard basically the following message:
This is Lieutenant Greg Allen of the Hinds County Sheriff's Office, and we're trying to contact Janet Lee about a court appearance.  Please call us at (601) 978-0376.
Milady listened to the message, and we played it back four or five times to get the numbers and names right.  We don't know a Janet Lee, but Milady's last name was Lee before we married.  The 601 area code is Mississippi and we were powerfully intrigued about the call.  We tried to call back to straighten it out, but it was after 5:00 and we got nothing.

This morning, on my way out the door, I stuck the note in my pocket.

About 8:00 I called the number.  Got an answering machine.  Left a message.

About 9:00 I tried again.  No answer.  So, I googled the Hinds County Sheriff's Office and got a number.  Gave them a call.  They hooked me up with a nice lady, Ms. Karen, in the felony warrants section.  She told me that she's been there a "loooong time" and she's never heard of a Lieutenant Greg Allen, but she'd love to meet him.

"Lieutenant Greg Allen" (or whoever he is) has been scamming people, getting them to send money orders to a PO Box, and the Hinds County Sheriff's Office has had just about a gut-full of it.  So, wherever this asshole is, he'd best be paying attention.  It was an artful dodge, but it looks like the game is played out.

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