Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Notes

Woke to a rainy morning.  The dog's not amused, and neither am I.  The weather is what it is, though, and a rainy Monday ain't bad.  It isn't great, either.  It's a good day to do laundry

I'm watching Whistle-britches, my 9 yo grand-daughter while her parents are out of town.  They'll be back this afternoon, but she's not a problem.  Ensconced in the kid's bedroom with a Kindle and a TV, I haven't really heard much out of her, except while we were running errands.  That's over, and I'll cook some lunch in another hour or so.

My son gave me a DVD for my birthday, James Garner's Support Your Local Sheriff, and Support Your Local Gunfighter, both on the same disc.  I watched them last night and remembered how good old westerns used to be.  James Garner, Suzanne Plechette, Walter Brennan, Jack Elam, the cast just went on and on.  Good stuff, and a great way to spend a Sunday night.

Raining to beat hell, and I'm watching it rain.  Perhaps I'll have more bloggy goodness tomorrow.  Don't count on it.


Old Grafton said...

Jack Elam-- one of the best ever!!

Old NFO said...

Good movies, and spending time with a new generation. It's all good! :-)