Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another Trip Around The Sun

On December 20, 1953, this fellow came kicking and screaming into the world.  If my math is correct, I've seen 62 trips around the sun.  Over the course of that time I've made some bad choices and some good decisions.  Had a lot of fun and made lots of memories.  I wouldn't change a bit of it.

This song has become my birthday anthem, it describes exactly what I'm thinking about on my birthday.

Hopefully I have a few more trips in me before I have to turn loose.  It's turning into quite the ride.


Old Grafton said...

Glad you've held on! Stick around for the rest of the party!!

Ed Jones said...

Happy birthday!! When you go to see the social security office, take your 214's with you it will add to amount you receive. Your service should be in the file but some guys have had to prove it. My first four years in the AF was not recorded.