Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Don't Forget Iron Bombs

Tam knocks one out of the park, with a wry posting about war stocks.
The peace dividend is coming around to bite us in the ass, especially with the Obama Administration's fondness for taking up the White Man's Burden in the various "Arab Spring" messes that have created a vast failed state stretching from the Pillars of Hercules to the Hindu Kush.
That's a good point, and she links another article about the Air Force expending munitions a whole lot faster than they can be re-supplied.
The official told CNN that the Air Force has requested additional funding for Hellfire missiles and is developing plans to ramp up weapons production to replenish its stocks more quickly.
The Air Force loves the Hellfire missile because it's so good.  There is very little collateral damage.  It's basically an upgraded anti-tank missle and they cost about $110,000 per each.  War costs money, but when you're dropping a bomb on something, it really should cost less than the something we're destroying, and I bet that dropping a string of Mark 80 bombs would get the job done.  Our weapons don't have to be gee-whiz smart munitions.  We still shoot lots of dumb bullets and do just fine, thank you.

On the places we're dropping these bombs, I wouldn't describe the inevitable result as "collateral damage" so much as "basic improvements".  I'm just sayin'

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