Monday, December 21, 2015

Bloomberg on Guns

So, I saw this meme, and it just sounded weird to me, but most everything sounds weird to me these days, so I checked it out.  Sure enough, Mayor Mike Bloomberg doesn't think college kids should have guns.  From this interview:

and when these people want to have a right to carry on campus – I don't know what you did in school, but I shouldn't have had a gun in school. I mean, come on! And that was before grass.
Oh, Mayor Bloomberg.  You were in school before grass?  No, Mike, I'm pretty sure that we had marijuana before 1964, when you graduated from college.

And, lots of us had guns on campus even in the '70s.  Rifles and shotguns in nearly every dorm closet.  We hunted in the afternoons and on the weekends.  There was never any problem.  And, when I graduated from college at the tender age of 21, the Army gave me lots of guns.  Five M601 tanks and plenty of machine guns.  And nineteen (19) people to run all that firepower.

But, it looks like this meme is virtuous.

Mike Bloomberg is an ass.  College age students are adults, and should be treated like adults.


Melissa said...

I spend a lot of time with today's college students and there are quite a few that I wonder how they managed to dress themselves.

Ed Jones said...

If they all had to go through basic training before college, I would not have a problem with CCW on campus. I live just north of UCM and agree with Melissa.