Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ken's Leathercraft

On Valentine's Day, I surprised Milady with a gunleather rig from Dusty Damrel at Crease N Corral.  Yesterday, she surprised me with a gunleather rig from Ken's Leathercraft.  Ken is a Virginia based company that caters to the Cowboy niche market.  We've seen his holsters at shoots and they've come recommended to us by friends.  At a price point of $130.00, it's probably the smallest cost you can have for a semi-custom holster.  Even the big firms like El Paso Saddlery don't put together a rig like this for the money.
Initial impressions:  This is a very nice holster and belt.  Double-stitched, the belt is double thickness.  A nicely dyed leather on the outside and a heavy suede on the inside.  It gives the impression of a very durable belt.  The holster is likewise double-stitched, of matching leather.  It's the standard Mexican loop style that is so common in our game, and the holster is lined with smooth leather to assist in the draw.    Of course, it has a bullet deflector and is cut with a rearward cant, as is also common in the game.

The buckle is a roller buckle, attached with Chicago screws.  That's  a nice attention to detail, in case something ever happens to the buckle, it's easy to change.

The belt also comes with cartridge loops.  While I don't see the need for cartridge loops in a competition holster, if you're going to use this belt for woods-cruising, having extra ammo might be nice.  Ken thoughtfully  attached the loops with Chicago screws and if I don't want them on the belt, they'd certainly be easy enough to take off.

All in all, it's a very nice rig for the money.  Thanks to Milady for such a thoughful gift.  We've got an anniversary coming up in June, and she told me that's my anniversary gift.  I'll have to do something appropriately thoughtful for her.


Theother Ryan said...

Nice looking rig at what seems like a very fair price. I think you've got to have cartridges on the belt. Not so much for functionality but for aesthetics.

North Texan said...

Very nice rig Paw Paw.

Anonymous said...

Nickle plated brass will look good with that new rig.
Question--Do you have a "speed loader" of some type to load wax bullet s?
Between you nd my barber I became interested and bought wax and brass. Now my fingers are sore from loading for my grandchildren. Great fun.

Pawpaw said...

Actually, Fred, I do, although I can't claim to have invented it. It's made from a cattle ear-tag applicator. I'll try to highlight it one day next week.

Old NFO said...

Nice ones, and I don't see anything wrong with either of those set ups!!!