Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Afternoon Shooting

We shoot whenever we can, and this new target is a big help in recording times.  Here, Louisiana Calamity Jane takes her turn on the line.

Our dress isn't necessarily approved dress for the association, but this is backyard practice, after all.  My lady is getting faster, and she's hitting a bit more regularly.  That voice in the background is our new member, grandson Zachary, running the line.  He's turned into quite the safety fanatic and rangemaster.

Oh, the birds you hear are purple martins.  Their condo is just over the target butt, and I don't think that the firing bothers them one whit.  They seem to do just fine while the line is hot.


Anonymous said...

PawPaw, do the Rulz say that you can't shoot from the hip? Seems to me that all the REALLY fast people I have seen rotate the pistol and fire inches from the holster. Getting the revo up and into line of sight is good combat technique, and her time isn't bad for that, but I'd be surprised if anyone can get much under a second with that tactic.


Pawpaw said...

Naw, Dawg, the rules say hit the target. We've been doing this since March, and she's well on her way to sub-1-second times. She's doing fine, working on accuracy before speed. The one thing about this game, you can't miss fast enough to win.

Old NFO said...

You answered my question. A hit IS required to score... :-)