Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two Books

Two books that I've been meaning to read.  I've been meaning to read these for years.  Nay, decades, and I finally pulled the pin and bought them.

No Second Place Winner, by Bill Jordan and The Art of he Rifle, by Jeff Cooper.  I'm told that these two are classics and why I have neglected to have them in my library is only answered by my penchant for procrastination.  They're both available from Amazon, of course, and I intend to begin my education immediately.  I'm told that Jordan's chapter on the fast draw is particularly illuminating.


Anonymous said...

Bought Jordan's book when I was a young
Got Art Of The Rifle later but I have had both for years.
You won't regret purchasing either IMO.

Jordan shot some wax bullets too, as it
turns out.

Theother Ryan said...

Bill Jordan's advice on fighting, shooting and training is still IMO totally relevant today. That he scored legitimate hits (IIRC asprin at a reasonable fighting range) in the .67-.69 rangee is a feat still commendable today. Mr Jordan's penchant for (then top of the line) duty leather and double action .357 mag k frame's is arguably quite dated. That being said I would be comfortable with a 4" Model 19 or 66 (I envy yours and would love to own one;) in a good metal braced duty holster with 4 speed loaders on the weak side. Sure there is some hypothetical scenario where the significant round count of my G 19 and 2-3 spare mags could save me but that old wheel gun wouldn't.

However A) I would probably be internationally famous for going through 45-60 rounds in a self defense situation with a pistol and B) That is really gaming the scenario pretty hard.