Monday, May 04, 2015

No One is Safe

By now, I'm sure that you've all heard of the event that happened in Texas yesterday.  Some free-speech folks organized an event to depict Mohammed at an art venue, and predictably, some jihadists showed up with rifles. Fortunately, the police were ready for them and the only fatalaties are the followers of the pedophile prophet.

For years, I read Richard Fernandez when he blogged at the old Belmont Club under the pen name Wretchard.  He's still blogging over at PJMedia, under a column of that same name, and his topic today is that none of us are safe.
A Texas event attended by Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer was attacked by an undetermined number of persons.  Two of the suspected assailants were killed and one was injured by the cops.  A police officer was also wounded, but not critically.  The scene is still being combed for explosives and evidence
There are probably many pundits who are comforting themselves by thinking: “I’m not Pamela Geller and therefore I will be safe.  I don’t say what she says.  I don’t know who she knows.”  Therefore this trouble will pass me by.
But the truth is, no one is safe.  Not left-wing artists in Europe nor Nigerian schoolgirls nor high school students in Pakistan.  Not agricultural college kids in Africa nor Yazidis in their remote mountain villages. Not people working a regular day in Manhattan on bright September days.
No one is safe. 
Richard is right.  No one is safe.  Until we all convert to Islam, we won't be safe, Safety is fine, in it's place, but I have never been overly concerned with safety.  There are too many other things to command my attention.  Like freedom.  There are those who believe that if they don't say certain things, or don't do certain things, they'll be passed by when evil comes.  They are wrong; no one will be passed by and even the innocent will suffer.

No one is safe.  With the World Trade Center bombing, the Boston Marathon bombing and the "lone wolf" attacks that have been in the news for the last several years, the illusion of safety is only a pale illusion.  Radical Islam wants you dead and if you're not willing to see that simple fact then you're  probably best left to your illusion of safety.

The Good Guys won in Texas yesterday, but I think that as Radical Islam grows, we'll see more of these attacks.  Unless we crush it ruthlessly, and our political leadership has neither the stomach nor the knowledge of how to do that.  Because they failed to crush it overseas, it's now come to our shores and the fight might be a whole lot closer to home than we'd like, but that's the price we'll pay for failing to identify the enemy and crushing him ruthlessly.

No one is safe.


Anonymous said...

Never go anywhere that folks think it's impolite to be armed.....

Retired Spook said...

Safety is an illusion. If you aren't prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones, if you depend on someone else to do it, then you're an idiot, however well-meaning. Somewhere, a true beliver is planning to kill you. Don't let him!

Anonymous said...

You mean if I "play along to get along" I'm NOT going to be safe? Hm, that's gonna put a crimp in the shorts of some liberals!

Anonymous said...

Former USMC Commandant Mattis said it best: "be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room."


JoeMama said...

Some reports state that the bad-guys were prepared, and planning, to kill all 200 people in attendance.

And we worry about collateral damages!

JimB said...

Texas PD was prepared. I'd bet some if not most of the people in attendance were prepared too. When this happens in NYC, LA, Seattle or any progressive enclaves it won't turn out so well.