Saturday, May 09, 2015

Club Practice Day

We had a practice match at the CFDA club today.  About eight shooters showed up and we had a good time.  Grandson Zach came with us, and tried to increase his speed.  He was getting hits on the target in the 1.2 second range.  He's getting better, but he's handicapped because he has to shoot two-handed.  Until he can pass the test for Level 3 Youth, it's two-handed shooting.  And, it's not so much that he can't pass the test, it's that no one at the club is qualified to give the test.  We'll have to make a trip to Texas this summer to let him take the test.

Still, he loves the game, and I think I've got a shooter on my hands.

Here, he's shooting against the old man, and doing a credible job..  In case you're interested, shooting a 1.2 means that he's drawing, cocking, and firing a single-action revolver in 1.2 seconds.  And, he gets no time unless he hits the target.  Without a hit to stop the timer, it simply keeps rolling.  So, Zach is drawing, cocking, shooting, and hitting in 1.2 seconds.  Not bad for a neophyte.


Old NFO said...

That is dang good at his age! :-)

Theother Ryan said...

That is a good time, especially for his age and experience level. If that kid sticks with it he could be awesome.

I did 1.9 two weeks ago at a class. For reference I was shooting from high hands together (think praying) position, with a retention holster at a 6x13" target 7 yards away. The CSAT instructor goal is 1.7. I suspect with a couple months of dry fire and regular range practices I will get there. My personal goal is to consistently be under 1.5 with the same gear setup and 1.3 with a friction retention rig.