Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Morning

It's Wednesday morning, and I was finishing my coffee, so I decided to click on Accuweather and see what the climate change would bring.  It looks like we're about to get run over by another rail car in the continuing thunderstorm train that's been hammering us for the last few weeks.  As I type this I hear thunder to the west, and a look at the map tells me why.

I doubt I'll be mowing grass today, so I'll cast about and find something to do that doesn't require standing in the yard.

I need to buy some C Cell batteries.  We've got a varmint visiting us almost nightly.  I suspect a raccoon, but Milady is ready for some payback.  I'll set up the game camera on the back porch and see if we can identify the little bugger, perhaps find out what time he's coming through.  In the next day or so, PawPaw may make a night hunt on the lanai.   I suspect that a flashlight and one round of .22LR will put an end to the depredation.

I need to buy a leather punch to adjust a gun-belt to fit a grandkid.  When I buy a gun-belt and specify a center-hole measurement, I don't need the saddle-maker adding three inches because I might not know what I'm talking about.  Any jazzbo with a yardstick should be able to tell where 34" lies on the leather belt.

Last, but not least, all this fresh water has played hob with my swimming pool chemistry.  I'll need to stop by the lumber yard and get a couple of bags of salt so that the chlorinator can do its job.

The rain has started in earnest, so the dawg and I will hunker down and wait till it passes.


Goatwhiskers said...

Here's a thought, get Calamity Jane to nail the varmint. That'll teach him! Had errands to run this AM, they'll have to wait. GW

mostly cajun said...

A spent .22 case and a hammer used to be the field expedient for a leather punch. I guess they're harder to find now.


Old NFO said...

Y'all stay safe down there. Hopefully the rains will end soon, otherwise you better start building a big boat!

JoeMama said...

I can identify with not being able to mow the grass. We are not getting large amounts but what we are getting comes in frequent installments.

Regarding belts....I once worked with a fat man whose doctor told him to lose weight. He started going to a gym frequented by another coworker. Every three weeks or so the other coworker would punch another hole in his belt and cut an inch off the end. The wailing and gnashing of teeth was epic.