Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I normally don't follow news from Illinois, because I frankly don't plan to go to the state, or to Chicago.  It's impossible to carry a gun in that state and Chicago.. well.. enough said about Chicago.  However, it looks like there's some interesting news there.  It seems that in December, a federal appeals court struck down most of the prohibitions in the state as unconstitutional and told the legislator they had six months to come up with a plan.  The clock is ticking, and if something isn't done by June 10th, it looks like Illinois, and Chicago with it, will revert to Constitutional Carry.
Oh, wouldn’t that it be rich if this comes to pass? Illinois Republicans are forcing Illinois Democrats to consider “shall issue” concealed carry legislation without exemptions for Cook County or Chicago. If Democrats don’t compromise by June 10, they lose everything, and the citizens of Illinois will be able to carry any gun, any time, anywhere.
So, if the Dems don't cooperate the Repubs won't cooperate either and in June, the law reverts.  In this case, gridlock is a good thing.

Let Freedom Ring.

Hat tip: Say Uncle.

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