Monday, February 04, 2013

Crutches Update

I went to see the Doc today.  Milady was off performing other chores so I did this visit without my nurse..  Doc showed up, asked where Milady was, and I reminded him that she was working for him today.  Okay.  He turned and left the room, then came back with bandage materials and those purple gloves that surgeons wear.

He cut the bandage off my foot, then balled the gauze in a knot and commenced to scrubbing my foot like it was a dirty frying pan.

":Damn, Doc!"  I hollered, "Hold on!  Crap!  What the hell are you doing?"

"Don't tell me how to do surgery!"

"I'm not telling you how to do surgery, I'm telling you it hurts."

He started bandaging the foot.  "I'm getting that dead skin off the wound.  Doesn't that look better/"

I looked at my foot, raw, red like a crawfish.  "Oh, yeah, that looks a lot better."  I had to admit, all that dead skin was gone.  Vanished under his pot-scrubbing method.  Whether it looked better or not is a surgical conclusion I'm not qualified to make.

"You'll be off work another week, then I'll probably release you.  See you next Monday."

Okay.  That's why I have sick leave.


Old NFO said...

Thankfully it's not all lumped together as "PTO"... They just did that to my daughter on their new contract. No more vacation/sick leave separate, all one 'group' and cut by 50%...

BobF said...

Been wondering, but there's only so much one should be asking about another man's personal stuff. Thanks for the update.

I wonder if there's a wire brush in the doc's little black bag. Heh. Probably figures the brass bristle one is the light duty version.

Very glad to hear of the progress.

Six said...

Get well soon Pawpaw!