Saturday, October 22, 2005

Remember New Orleans

Reading a post over at the Carnival, I am lead to an article over at Xavier Thoughts, which highlights a speech by the NRA's own Wayne LaPierre.

Remember New Orleans.

Next time a well meaning person asks why you need so many guns: Remember New Orleans.

When someone asks if a fifteen day waiting perios is responsible: Remember New Orleans.

When someone says that you should just call the police: Remember New Orleans.

Hell of a rallying cry. If someone puts together a blog bumper sticker, I will put one here. The Second Amendment is not only alive and well, it is our last great hope.


Rachel said...

You are right about that! It's like they say, "If guns are outlawed then outlaws will be the only ones with guns." Frightening thought indeed! My Dad taught me to shoot and when I got old enough to drive he got me a gun and told me to keep it with me at all times and to use it if I had to! (He was a smart man!)

JF said...

I think you're not stupid enough to think that having a gun can protects you from hurricanes.
So maybe you just think you need to protect yourself from people who most of all need help. For your good consciousness you prefer to call them thieves instead of calling yourself selfish. And maybe some thieves think the same, just the other way around. They may think they need a gun to make sure selfish people will be more willing to share instead of idly letting them die.

Actually I think if one day I need help I have more chance to meet someone who won't be willing to help than I have a chance of meeting someone who will mug me. That being said I've already been mugged, but I felt less bad than each time I meet someone with your discourse which I feel are more of an aggression. In both agressions I doubt guns would have helpt, on the contrary, I would either be a killer or a corpse.

Just for my curiosity, how many muggers have you been confronted to? And how many human beings lacking the basics have you walked by, maybe not seeing them or thinking they were worthless of your help?

I'd like you to not take my words as an attack, that's not my intention. I hope that either I may help you to start thinking differently, which I doubt, or at least to read an instructing note from your part of what I did not get in your thinking process that lead you to tink that world is a better place with arms. What I wouldn't like to read are insults because we disagree, even if you feel like my post is plain stupid, please explain me why precisely. Arguments are not used enough when we "speak" with divergent minds IMHO