Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Game 4

I have a long running World Series bet with an old classmate, Vonne Neal. Vonne and I were classmates all the way through school, and one day in 6th grade we decided to make a bet on the Series. This was.... 1966? Baltimore swept it in four against Brooklyn... oops, Los Angeles. Anyway, Vonne took the American league and I took the National league, and Vonne and I have a standing bet, every year. The amount of the bet is the same it has been since 1966. One Quarter. Only thing is, the ribbing has changed. It gets more extravagant every year. I'm probably going to owe Vonne a quarter tomorrow afternoon and the only thing to do is to go pay up.

Paying up sucks. Maybe he'll buy me a beer.

That may be the longest running continuous bet in baseball. Stats, anyone?

It is still 60'6" from the rubber to the plate, and 90' to first base.

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