Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Police Radar

Interesting story here about a California cop catching an F-16 fighter on radar.

Which reminds me:

Years ago, a Louisiana cop was running radar on LA Highway 1, south of  Natchitoches, LA.  LA Hwy 1 was the major north/south road in the area, a two -lane highway that served the agricultural area of the Red River valley.  The road was fairly straight for miles with gentle, broad sweeping curves connecting the long straight miles.  It was tempting to speed on the highway and the cops would find a convenient spot on the shoulder.

Not much traffic on this particular day.  The cop wasn't hidden, and the cars that went past were well within the speed limit.  As the cop sat looking down the road, his radar unit registered something moving at 27 mph, well below the posted 55 mph speed limit.  The cop looked down the road and didn't see anything.   The cop didn't see anything in front of him, indeed, nothing on the road at all.  So, he tested his radar unit, and it again popped up with the 27 mph indication.

Then, the cop spotted a lone crow, flying down the middle of the road.   LA 1 had its share of road kill, and the crows were frequently seen.  The cop could only imagine that the crow as looking for a mid-afternoon snack before the late afternoon traffic made the idea hazardous.

That was a long time ago.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Supposedly happened in Wyoming on I-80 around 1973. Single engine airplane pilot sees WSP set up. Drops down to a few feet off the highway and zooms by the Trooper. Then there was some trash talking on the CB.

jon spencer said...

Then there are the police K-band radar's and US military aircraft with K-band detectors / jammers that are normally used against Com-Bloc missile guidance systems.