Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Getting Interestinng

Our long-time Sheriff is retiring, and the candidates are lining up.  So far, three have come out formally.  All three are known in the local LEO community, and all three have a history with the Sheriff's Office. 

Alphabetically, they are:

William "Clay" Brister

Ronnie Sellers

Mark Wood

Those three are about half of who we expect to announce.  PawPaw isn't making any endorsements yet.  All three of these are good men, and we have yet to see any platforms.

In the next month or so, this should start to get interesting.  The primary election is on October 12, 2019, so we have the whole summer, and I"m certain that at least two other candidates will ammounce in the coming weeks.


Joe Mama said...

Ronnie needs a better picture if he expects to compete.

DocV said...

How 'bout 'PawPaw for Sheriff'?

Old NFO said...

Hoo boy, it's going to be an interesting summer around the Sheriff's Office.