Monday, April 04, 2016

The Wild Rag

There's this thing that you've all seen in the westerns, but you've probably never thought much about.  The Wild Rag.  A kerchief,, basically, that a cowboy could use for a variety of things.  To keep the dust out of his face, if necessary, and to hide his face if necessary, and to wipe sweat, and to use as a sling if he broke his arm.  It can also be stylish, to add color and texture to an outfit.

A Wild Rag may not be necessary to a cowboy's outfit, but they certainly provide a finishing touch.  Here's a picture of my buddy, Part-Time, sporting a stylish wild rag.

Just as a counterpoint, here's another friend, Little Kazzy, with a similar wild rag.

A wild rag adds a certain je ne sais quais to a cowboy's outfit.

I was telling my mother about wild rags, and I sent her to a website, Smith and Edwards, to try to explain to her what I was thinking about.  I had made a couple, but was explaining what they were all about.

Today, I get home and look in the mailbox, and Momma has closed the loop on wild rags.  There is a huge supply, of many colors and styles.

I am blown away.  Lots of colors, styles, prints and solids.  That's probably a lifetime supply of wild rags.  Fourteen by my count, plus the couple I made by myself.

Thanks, Momma.  That was a very generous gesture.  Very generous indeed.

**Note** There is nothing new under the sun.  These day, wild rags are used by many warriors.  I used then when I was in the Army, a tactical bandage, or a piece of cotton cloth, and we called them Tactical Bandanas, or Hoo-Rags.  What worked in the 1870s also worked in the 1970s and beyond.  I'm sure that warriors today are still wearing some form of the Wild Rag.  Mine are a lot prettier.

Of course, the Boy Scouts have been using them for years.  On my Honor, I will do my best.....

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The Old Sarge said...

Out West, we just call 'em "bandanas". :-) Unfortunately, it's really hard to find good ones, as most of 'em are just too small. (Sorry, folks, but 18" is not "large".)