Saturday, April 02, 2016

Ruger or Uberti

Top, Uberti 873 Cattleman.  Almost an exact clone of the old Colt 1873.  The Uberti has the case-hardened receiver.  The mainspring has been lightened, the bolt spring is brand-new.
Bottom, Ruger New Vaquero.  Gunfighter grips. 14 lb mainspring, it fires both shotgun primers and large pistol primers with authority.  The Vaquero, of course, is stainless steel.
Both in .45 Colt, both perfectly legitimate CFDA revolvers.

The choice from yesterday has been made.  Now, someone else has a choice to make.  If I had to chose, I admit I'd be hard-pressed to so so.  They're both fine cowboy revolvers.  Honestly, I don't know, and I don't care.  They each have their pluses and their minuses.

Let me explain to readers what is happening:  Yesterday's post  about two Vaqueros was the first choice.  I have several family members who shoot CFDA, and when I come across a suitable revolver, I am lucky enough to be able to snap it up.

Grandson Zach had been shooting my stainless Vaquero, but I came into an opportunity to get a blue steel Vaquero, so I snapped it up.  I put a 15 pound mainspring in it, and told him that he had an opportunity to swap pistols.  That was yesterday's choice.  Zach decided this afternoon to go with the blued Vaquero.

Son-in-law Greg is shooting with the club, and I told him that I'd give him a revolver.  He gets to choose now, between the stainless Vaquero and my spare 1873 Uberti.  They're both set up for fast draw, they've both proven themselves in competitions.  Whichever he chooses is fine with me.  The one that's left will be my spare competition gun.

Choices, choices.  I was (just a few minutes ago), handling both guns, and frankly, he's got a heck of a choice to make.  I'm not sure which one I'd grab.  They're both great revolvers.

If you had to chose between the Ruger and the Uberti, which would be your choice?


Retired Spook said...

If it was my choice, I'd go with the Ruger, but only because I handload, and you can safely push the envelope a little more in the Ruger. For what you're doing, it's a coin toss, although I think the Ruger would be a bit stouter/more durable.

Peter said...

I'd go for the Ruger for sheer toughness.

Anonymous said...

If it was for general use no doubt the Ruger. For the fast draw only I would use the Uberti. No bad choice for him though.

Rivrdog said...

Rugger. First hogleg I ever shot was a 3-screw Blackhawk in 44 Mag, way back in the late 1960s.

John said...

Ruger. But that is because my first pistol purchase was a Ruger in .45 LC with the long barrel. Still have it and shoot it once in a while.