Monday, April 18, 2016

Burying a Rifle

We've all thought about it.  This guy did it.  For fifteen years.  Then he dug it up.
With the cap removed it was immediately obvious that no moisture had gotten into the pipe. I carefully slid the contents out on to a table for examination. After unwrapping the duct tape and removing the outer bag, it was obvious that all was OK. All of the individual packages were unwrapped to reveal the contents were as good as the day they were packaged.
That is all.


Murphy's Law said...

I recall seeing a similar demonstration from a guy who packaged and buried and SKS and ammo for a year once.

He'd done it in Michigan, so for four months, the ground was so frozen and/or snow-covered that he could not have dug it up had he wanted to. Come late spring, he did it up and brought it to a meeting to show off his craftwork. When he cut the tube, water ran out. He hadn't sealed one end very good. The SKS and ammo had been reduced to rusty scrap surrounded by some soft pulp-wood stock remains.

It was very sad.

Old NFO said...

Patience and attention to detail DOES pay dividends... :-)