Saturday, April 30, 2016

Target, and Bathrooms, and Such

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

About the time I was prepping for the Fort Worth Shoot, the bathroom brouhaha erupted, but I really didn't pay much attention to it.  You see, at my house, we have three unisex bathrooms.  You go in, lock the door, and do your business.  Or, don't lock the door, your choice.  I've got straight family, gay family, grandkids who need help, it's a bathroom.  Use it.  Don't make an issue out of it.

Evidently, Target didn't realize the crap-storm they were starting by letting anyone use any bathroom in the store.  It's causing problems, according to Peter in the link above.  Go read if you must, but it looks like predators are taking advantage of Target's good nature.  This may bode ill for them in the short term.

I have one piece of advise for Target.  Police the bathrooms yourself, just like I police the gender-neutral bathrooms at my house.  If a predator comes in, it won't bode well for him in the short term, and he may not have  a long term to be concerned about.

I note that some folks are boycotting Target.  That's okay.  I suppose I've been boycotting Target too.  I haven't been in their store in a year or two, simply because it's a not a place that's convenient for me to shop.

This isn't hard, peole.  If everyone would use a little common sense, common decency, and crack down hard on predators (which is also common sense), this thing would work out fine.

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FrannieDez said...

When my children got to the age (over ten) when they wanted to go into a public bathroom without me, I'd tell them "you whistle or you sing the entire time you're in there. I'm standing right here with the door propped open and if I hear you stop singing, I'm coming in." I once took Rachel into the bathroom to change her, as a baby, and after changing her, noticed the products on the wall were geared toward men. I took a quick look over my shoulder and saw two men frozen solid with their backs to me, standing in front of urinals. So sorry guys, I didn't pay attention to the man on the door. I was concentrating on the stench in a diaper. I won't happen again. Carry on. :)