Monday, May 05, 2014


Here in deep South Louisiana, we use a special seasoning, known as Zatarain's.  Add some to a pot of boiling water and put in some seafood, like crabs, or shrimp, or crawfish.  It gives the seafood a great Louisiana flavor.

Sometimes, though, like tonight, I'm not in the mood for seafood, but I was looking in the kitchen and found some young red potatoes, and in the freezer, some corn-on-the-cob.  Well, heck, that's supper.  I started some water boiling, then dropped in those little red potatoes.  Added a little salt and about a third of that bottle of Zatarain's.  I let the potatoes boil for about a half-hour then dropped in the little ears of corn.  Added a stick of margarine.  In another 15 minutes, Milady and I will eat 'taters and corn for supper, with a wicked Louisiana kick.

Taters and corn with a Louisiana kick.  It's what's for supper.


Old NFO said...

BTDT myself more than once when I was homesick... :-) And ZING is right!!!

MSgt B said...

I always keep a few of the instant rice dishes in the cabinet.

Their Dirty Rice is a great starter.