Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Busy Today

Busy today, doing what I'm sworn to do, but I care about my readers, so I've found a nice video by Jerry Mikulek about pistol shooting.  If you know anything about pistol shooting then you know that Jerry is a bona fide expert and listening to him is always a good idea.  So, without furhter ado.

I've got pistol quals next month, so I'll probably be watching it several times.  The basics are always good.

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Retired Spook said...

I watched Jerry shoot at Second Chance once upon a time, some years ago. His throwaway run (worst of five) was 2.71 seconds. My best, shooting a 1911 was 3.41. Jerry was shooting an N-frame Smith .357.

You just really want to hate some people, don't you?