Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Beer Locker

In honor of Mother's Day, I stopped by my favorite purveyor of comestibles and picked up a selection of beer.

We have several varities of Sam Adams, to include Boston Lager, Cherry Wheat, and Summer Ale.  We've got Dos Eauis, and Blue Moon, and Tecate.  There's even some Coor's Light for those who don't like good beer.  I even think I see a Redd's Apple Ale.  Plenty of choices on the beer shelf.

The bottom shelf has an adequate supply of soft drinks for the kiddos.

Milady doesn't drink beer, but we'll be hosting the family for Mother's Day.  Milady will sit and survey her brood while the children cook the meal on the charcoal grill outdoors.

Later today we'll be going to Jena, LA so that Milady can celebrate with her mother.  The family is gathering at a sister's house to eat good food, swap lies, and hug necks.


Anonymous said...

Just a minor suggestion. Try Sam's Boston ale too!

Melissa said...

You know one your visiting mothers well! Thanks Pop!