Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sunday Morning Dawg

The dog loved feral water, we've established that fact in this series. With all the rain we've had lately, there is no shortage of mudholes to drink from, and we get this picture from one of our afternoon explorations.

Notice the culvert at the top of the mudhole. Yeah, that's the culvert that runs under my driveway. Notice the brownish-green cast that the water shows in the picture. Lots of good minerals, along with runoff from God-knows-what. It's the best water a dog can have. Let's not forget that he's got a clean water bowl near his bed, and another on the back deck. That's not good enough for this dawg. It's got to be feral for taste!


Old NFO said...

LOL, dogs WILL drink anything... :-)

Dave O. said...

I'd like to wish you and the Dawg and your family a Happy Easter!

Gerry N. said...

My much loved pitbull bitch, Bella, will walk right through her nice, clean water dish to get to the big glass baking pan on the back porch that catches rainwater for the birds to drink and bathe in. Waddinell is it that dogs find so appealing in feral water? My previous pup, Ozzy, also a pit was the same way, showing a marked preference for feral water. There's gotta be a reason.