Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DC Govt Workers Draw Unemployment Benefits

It looks like the workers for the city of Washington DC have been drawing unemployment benefits while working for the city.
Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan said his office will begin filing civil suits “in the next few weeks” to recover the city’s money. District officials have estimated that the city had paid as much as $800,000 in jobless benefits to working city employees since 2009.
And, the probe isn't over.
Lisa Mallory, director of Department of Employment Services, said that since February’s suspensions, the agency had discovered improper payments to other current employees. “We found another batch of 100,” she said.
Of course, the city is suing to recover the benefits, but as I recall most fraud laws, drawing unemployment benefits while working is fraud, a felony. Why aren't those employees being arrested and charged?

And, would anyone like to guess the party affiliation of the Mayor? It isn't mentioned anywhere in the article, so I assume he's not a Republican.

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