Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Musings

If you don't read Victor Davis Hanson, you're missing out on some of the best commentary currently available. He deconstructs the Martin-Zimmerman narrative in an article published yesterday, and provides a telling indictment concerning the current civil rights leadership.
The majority, of citizens, however, sees the current civil rights hierarchy as much of the problem with, not the solution to, the Martin tragedy. No, it is worse than that still: the Martin case has evoked renewed interest not in disproportionate rates of black crime alone, but in the civil rights leadership’s apparent lack of concern about it.
And there is the problem. The majority of citizens in the US today are unconcerned about race. The civil rights movement of the '60s has succeeded in lots of ways, the biggest of those ways is that todays Americans are largely unconcerend about race. We view the race-hustlers, ilk cut from the mold of Sharpton, Jackson, Inc. as throwbacks to an earlier age, much as George Wallace and Orval Faubus are seen as relics of a earlier age. Jackson and Sharpton's time has passed, just as the white racists time had passed. They are simply relics of a bygone time and are mere caricatures of the greats whose shoulders they stand upon.

Americans, by and large are not concerned about race. We're past that. What we are concerned about is our ability to raise our children to be healthy, happy people and to leave a legacy of freedom to successive generations. We view the Trayvon Martin case as a simple tragedy and we're watching the race-baiters and hustlers turn it into a media travesty. We know that black-on-black crime is a greater problem in post-racial America and we know that Sharpton, Jackson Inc. largely ignore the huge failures of that culture. There's no money in it, so it never enters their faux outrage.

Sharpton, Jackson, Inc are in the same category as Wallace, Faubus, Inc. and deserve the same scorn. Thinking Americans are largely unconcerned with race any more. That time is passed and giving ink and airtime to racists is something I'll never understand.

Go read Hanson's whole article. It explains it a lot better than I can.

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Termite said...

Excellent write-up, D.

There are really good reader comments at the linked article, also.

"The reality is that a staggering percentage of the black population is essentially feral. With 70% illigitimacy rates and now at least two generations of a complete breakdown of the black family and of social order in the black community, middle and upper class America, both Black and White, has little in common with and no desire to associate with lower class blacks or whites. And if I see a group of young men of any race or ethnicity in hoodies and baggy pants, I check the safety of my weapon."
...Art Chance

I agree.