Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pulling bullets

As I was loading the range bag for the ill-fated trip to the range on Saturday, I pulled down some .30-06 ammo that I had loaded sometime in 2010.  I happened to check the label on the ammo and the powder charge didn't look right, so I pulled down the manuals to check.  Oh, hell, an over-charge.  I don't know what happened, but somehow I had loaded that ammo with what amounts to almost two full grains over the normal max load for that brass/bullet/primer/powder combination.  I'm no fan of over taxing my rifle, and I'm certainly no fan of breaking my face so I marked the box of ammo as bad and left it behind

SO, not wanting to waste most of the components, I got down the kinetic bullet puller and started pulling bullets.  This being a Sunday and grandkids were wandering about, I soon had one inquisitive kid looking over my shoulder.  We took the time to explain the process.  Discuss ramifications, even to go into the front yard and set a couple of powder charges on fire to demonstrate that modern smokeless powder burns rather than explodes.  Good stuff.

One day this week, I'll reload that ammo with a sane charge and take it to the range next Saturday, where I am reassured that I'll be able to fire my rifles without some special interest group to run me away from my tax-dollar range.


Rivrdog said...

At least you have tax-dollar ranges. We don't have them around here.

El Capitan said...

Been there, done that!!

Anonymous said...

Kids learnt some Physics and didn't even realize it.