Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Browning A5

Well, Lookee Here!  Browning has resurrected the A5, the old familar humpback shotgun that John Browing himself invented.

From reading the article in the Rifleman, it appears that Browning is after the Benelli fans.  This is an inertia repeater, takes 2 3/4 or 3" shells and has a lot of neat features.  It's available in the standard Browning glossy finish or the synthetic pictured above.  It can also be bought in camo.

No, this ain't your grandad's A5, it's a thorougly modern version, and I haven't seen anything yet to lead me to believe that it's offered in anything but 12 gauge.  Still, it's a cool-looking shotgun, immediately recognized by millions of shotgunners worldwide.

At an MSRP of between 1300-1500 USD, it ain't for everyone, but it might pique my interest if I didn't already have a bunch of shotguns.


Old NFO said...

If I wasn't such a lousy shot with a shotgun, I'd be looking at one... They truly ARE the classic semi-auto shotty!

Anonymous said...

I have the Model !! which was owned by my great grand father. We always called it a Browning even though remington made it. When I was a teen ager had to retire it because it often went full auto. I finally took it to gun smith in Oxnard while in the navy asking him to fix it and to reblue it and replace the butt stock. He did and told me that my great grand pappy had replaced the sear lever pin with a nail which finally rusted out. still shoots great.