Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Beer Locker

Part of my responsibility as a summer-time host is to maintain the beer locker, a task that I gladly assume.  One of the benefits of maintaining the beer locker is that I get to choose what resides therein.  I stock it to suit my tastes.  If anyone doesn't like my particular taste in beer, they're free to tote their own ice chest over here, no hard feelings.

On the way home this afternoon I picked up some fresh beer.  One six pack each of Sam Adams Boston Lager, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, Sam Adams Summer Ale, and Sam Adams Light.  Accompanied by a case of Coors Light.  Plus, kids drinks on the lower shelf.  Grape, Lemon-Lime and Root Beer soda.

That should be sufficient for the pool opening tomorrow night.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Dude! Bonus!

Anonymous said...

What times the party?


Old NFO said...

I don't see any San Miguel :-)

Melissa said...

Best. Pawpaw. Ever

Anonymous said...

Paw Paw,

I love Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, reminds me of a Dr. Pepper with a kick.

Nice Choices, I never complain when the beer is cold and free!

MaddMedic said...

Pool opening?
We have "snow flakes" in the forecast..
With a high in the mid forties..
Gads this is a wunnerful state...