Thursday, July 01, 2010


The Mayor hisself lost the McDonald case and it looks like the city government is liable to put as many stumbling blocks as they can ... because they lost.
The mayor is expected to demand registration of all handguns, mandatory training for gun owners and a limit of one handgun per person. This last novel idea comes from Corporation Counsel Mara Georges, who according to the Associated Press "says the court ruled people can have a gun for protection, but didn't say they're allowed more than one."
Sounds like a spoiled little boy who didn't get his way. "didn't say they're allowed more"

Yeah, right. They can have one, and no more. Extend that logic to other facets of political life and you've seen the idiocy of Chicago politics.

The fact is that Daley is a spoiled brat and a bit of a bully. He has armed guards everywhere he goes, but doesn't think that the little people deserve the same protection. He's the epitome of all that's wrong with Chicago politics. He's a thug, albeit an elected one.

Mayor Daley is the best argument for term limits that I've ever seen. I'm normally one who believes that term limits are best served by the people, voting an asshole out of office. However, some people are so corrupt, so self-serving, so arrogant that they will perpetuate themselves in office at all costs.

It's a shame that tar and feathers went out of style. Daley could use a good humbling dip in the tar bucket.

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