Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4th

We're just winding down a big party at my house. Those family members who came from out-of-town were invited back to the house this morning for brunch and they've just now all left for their several-hours drive home. PawPaw is pretty much alone for the next few hours, when the grandkids, Milady and I are going to a small-town fireworks display.

I admit, I'm torn on the Fourth. I love our servicemen every day, and I especially remember absent friends on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

To me, July 4th is a birthday party for the nation, and while I honor our servicemen, I especially honor our founders. This is properly the remembrance for this holiday.

So, to all you servicemen and women out there, be careful and don't forget to duck. I love you and pray for you every evening. This afternoon, I'm going to eat a hot dog and sit in a small-town park to watch fireworks.

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Old NFO said...

Paw- thanks for YOUR service too! And yes burgers, dogs, watermelon and fireworks with the family are the perfect way to celebrate!