Thursday, July 22, 2010


Every other year, my entire family meets at a given location and we vacation together for a week. We rent a big house and all pile in together. This year, it's Gatlinburg, TN, where we've rented this place. Eight bedrooms, 8.5 baths, it's the lap of luxury and family from all over the US is headed for Gatlinburg.

Two years ago was Las Vegas, before that it was the Outer Banks.

This year in Gatlinburg there are approx 32 of us scheduled to arrive.

Tomorrow is going to be last-minute errands, my part of the family heads out on Saturday at 0-dark-thirty. It's gonna be a hoot.


Termite said...

Have a good time, D.

Anonymous said...

There are 35 of us going:-))
Be safe, see you there! Love, Dianne

Hobie said...

My wife and her friend do this about every year. Sometimes the wife and I go together or with her family. Great fun!