Sunday, August 28, 2005


According to my buddy over at YRHT, he is gone from the New Orleans area. I talked to my sister in Mandeville, LA this morning, and she is safe at Momma's place in Deville.

Katrina is the most dangerous storm I have seen in a few years. For those of you not familiar with Hurricane strength, Katrina is currently showing sustained winds of 186 mph, and is classified as a Cat-5 hurricane.

For some perspective, go here and look at the tornado classification chart. Tornados are typically a local weather event, affecting linear geography that is maybe a couple of miles long and maybe 400 yards wide. Most of us have seen the devastation that a tornado can do.

Now, imagine an F3 tornado that is 200 miles wide. That is a bad storm. Katrina might surpass that and grow gusty winds over 206 mph, which would put her in the F4 tornado classification. Add a huge storm surge and you get some kind of idea of the energy that is about to be unleashed on the Gulf Coast.

Katrina is a vicious bitch, and she has fire in her eyes.

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