Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Great News

From Centcom, we learn that the Iraqi Army has established an NCO Academy.
This week, the 1st Iraqi Army Brigade succeeded at implementing the first Non-commissioned Officer Academy in the country. Iraqi soldiers from the most recent class were the last group to be instructed by the U.S. Soldiers who had developed the training. During Saddam Hussein’s regime, an NCO corps did not exist in the Iraqi Army. The class will continue after the U.S. instructors leave, and will be taught by NCOs from the 1st IA who assisted earlier courses.
This is great news as you can't have a professional army without a professional NCO corps, and having an NCO Academy is the best bet they have at getting good NCOs.

No military echelon is complete without trained, dedicated, professional Non-Commissioned Officers. Sergeants (and Petty Officers) form the backbone of any fighting unit. Their expertise is invaluable, their experience is essential.

Hat tip to the Skipper.

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