Sunday, August 07, 2005


Raining outside, Sunday afternoon is drizzly, mixed with thundershowers. And PawPaw is without adult supervision, as Milady is providing care for the hospitalized.

Supper planning is upon me, and I know that there is the retired carcass of a lemon-pepper baked chicken in the fridge, along with some smoked sausage, some onion and bellpepper. There are spices in the rack and rice in the cabinet. Sounds like Jambalaya for supper.

Jambalaya is easy to make, with as many variations on recipe as there are cooks. I make mine simply, which is how folk food is supposed to be made. What I am going to do is simple.

Pull the meat off the bone of that baked chicken. (about 2 cups)
Cut up a couple of links of smoked sausage.(about 2 cups)
Sautee some onion and bellpepper.(about 2 cups)
Add the meat to the pan and sautee the meat with the onions and peppers
Add some rice, about 2 cups. Add water to cover the rice, then cook it on a low fire till the water is gone.

Yeah, I think I am going to turn this durned computer off and go make a Jambalaya.

Then, find a movie or something on the Tube to watch.

Bon apetit!

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